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Affinity groups are parent groups you can join to help channel specific questions to like-minded parents.

You can find affinity groups under “More” at the bottom navigation of the app.

Tap More on the far right of the tab bar to slow to access the other sections of the app.







add-affinity-group-2bTap to go into the Affinity Groups section.









add-affinity-group-3 The + on the top right is how you can join affinity groups.

If you’ve already joined any affinity groups, it’ll be listed here under ‘My Affinity Groups’.





Simply tap on the Join button to be part of the group. You can join as many groups as you want but joining groups that you identify with or are interested in helps target questions from Ask the Village more accurately.

If there’s an affinity group you’d like to add, please feel free to suggest it by tapping Suggest on the top right of the screen.




ask-the-villageTap on the Ask the Village icon on the top right of the Overview screen




ask-the-village-postTap the + icon on the top right to post a question.






ask-the-village-post-questionHere’s where you enter details of your question.

By default, your questions will be sent to users with similar babies. You can add affinity groups that you’ve joined to the “To” list as well. In the near future, if you’ve signed in via Facebook, you will be able to send questions to FB friends who are also using the app.

You can also attach photos, feed, sleep, diapering and observation entries to the questions.


That happens when there hasn’t been an entry for the day.

The Progress report (below section) doesn’t show when there isn’t enough entries to build a summary. Keep adding in entries and after 7 days of entries, we’ll be able to provide you with comparative data for your little one.

We encourage you to input as much as details as you can, in order to gain a richer comparison. Note that benchmarking data might not be as accurate at this early stage.


move-widgetsHold down on a widget to rearrange them or drop them into the Remove area below if you don’t need the widget.











changewidget1You can change the widgets on Overview by tapping on the ‘+’ at the bottom of the widgets.









changewidget2From this screen, you can add or change your preferred widget for each category. You can choose up to 4 widgets on your Overview screen.

diapering2 BM is short for Bowel Movement – select this to indicate that your baby has pooped.







diapering3You can also select consistency and colour, if you would like to track that.

diapering5The Dry Diaper toggle on the top right of the Record Diapering screen allows you to indicate that the diaper changed did not have any content.

This is useful to track when the last diaper was changed without skewing your lil one’s actual output, which is especially important if you’re monitoring how many wet diapers your newborn has. The number of wet diapers a newborn has daily is a good indicator of whether he/she is getting enough milk.


If you’ve got any questions feel free to email support@babykins.co