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Parenthood is… intimidating. Especially for a first time parent. There are just so many unknowns, so much self-doubt, and such fragility during the first few months of giving birth that it really is difficult (almost impossible!) to go at it alone.

And while there are tons of resources for new parents, a lot of it can be rather overwhelming and over-prescriptive, simply because every child (baby) is different. So instead of combing through bodies of available literature out there on everything newborn, I found the most effective way of addressing my issues/concerns was to find parents going through similar experiences with their little ones.

That’s how Babykins was born.

By comparing similar babies’ daily inputs & outputs using big data analytics, we hope to better inform and reassure parents of their baby’s development progress. We strive to help parents monitor for anomalies and aim to provide a conducive platform for parents to support each other.

It takes a whole village to raise a child – Let Babykins be your tribe.

Lena, co-founder & mother of Lukas and Emma


lena with baby
Lena Quek

Co-Founder and mother of two, Lena’s background prior to Babykins is heavily rooted in product, marketing and all things digital.

Juan Phoa

Co-Founder and resident UX champion, Juan’s passion for user-centric design drives our quest for constant improvement.