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Babykins app helps you track your lil one’s development and connects you with a community of like-minded parents.

Key Features

Here’s what to expect with Babykins baby development app.

tracking baby development
Track Baby’s Progress

No more scrambling for a pen & paper, or trying hard to remember details. Record your baby’s feeds, sleeps, diapering and key milestones with ease.

benchmarking baby development

Gain Collective Insights

View comparative baby development insights & recommendations based on babies similar to yours.

Q&A baby development questions
Ask the Village

Got a problem and want to know if other babykins have experienced the same? Pose a question for feedback & support.

Record features:
Track everything that’s important.

Track your baby’s feeds, diaper changes, sleep and milestones, all in one handy app. Flag entries, create observation notes and share them on the community Q&A to get real-time feedback from other parents. Benchmark your baby’s progress over the last 7 days with similar babies to further understand his/her development.

Tracking your baby’s routine helps you better assess the progress of your lil one, outside of regular check-ups. For instance, if he or she isn’t gaining the recommended weight, tracking data provides valuable information to understand why. With similar babies’ comparison data, you can also validate if it even is a cause for concern in the first place.
The more types of data you log, the more accurate we can be at providing comparative data about your lil one and help us better catch real anomalies more conclusively.
How do I sign up?

Download the Babykins app from the App Store here.

Is there a cost to using Babykins?

Nope! We are a free app for parents and care givers to track baby development (and would like to keep it that way as long as we can).

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